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Custom Made

Thank you for your interest in my custom/commissions,

Please read the info below, Christmas dates, browse past examples and if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me;

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Click a category to see examples:

Mabel child handwriting necklace
Geo heart bridesmaid set




If you'd like to talk about your ideas, please let me know below:

Commission Enquiries:

Thanks for your message, I will reply as soon as possible.

Timescales / info for after the Christmas period:

Smaller Items

[[Under 7.78g - that don't need to be hallmarked]]

Small or circle studs in your choice of design, wire and small rings, light pendants and bracelets etc...

up to 2 weeks


Larger Items

[[Over 7.78g - that do need to be hallmarked]]

[[Under 7.78g - that you would like hallmarked]]

Most pieces will fit into this category- cufflinks, gemstone jewellery, elaborate piercing, handmade wire chains, handwritten designs, spinners and other rings etc...

up to 4 weeks


Quicker Orders

[[This option will have an additional fee added- cost depending on design/timescale]]

If an occasion is fast approaching or you'd like something made quicker than usual - this could be any type of design. If it's hallmarked, it will be sent alone so it is completed to your date...

custom date

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