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Handwriting can be such a sentimental thing to keep close to you, which is why I take my time with sawing every letter as perfect as possible.

I have been asked to make bracelets, rings, bangles, necklaces and even cufflinks with writing on, there's so many possibilities.

If you'd like to talk about this kind of thing with me, have a look through the examples below and contact me on FB/IG: @cbakerjewellery or fill out the form on the Custom Made page.


Prices depend on size and metal - a name necklace type design in sterling silver including assay hallmarks would be around £85.

H A N D W R I T T E N by you..

Here are some examples that I have been asked to make using writing from children, grandparents, parents. I can trace any writing - to keep the silver from breaking I may join some parts together but I always check the design with you before sawing out by hand:

Sasha child handwriting necklace
Loving nan  handwriting ring
Mabel child handwriting necklace
Nan sentimental  handwriting bracelet
Parent  handwriting ring
Mumma child handwriting necklace

H A N D W R I T T E N by me..

Or, I can design something in my own handwriting. The beauty of handmade and hand piercing is that I can add charms that you love too, like the hearts or flowers. Here are some examples:

Deon handwriting necklace
Kaydie handwriting necklace
Olivia heart handwriting necklace
Emily Rachel sister handwriting bracelet
Honor handwriting necklace
ML initial handwriting necklace
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