I take my time making these commissions, so it's just right. Children's writing also makes great jewellery too, all ages.  


Customers have found it a comfort to have family members' handwriting turned into all kinds of jewellery such as,  bracelets, rings, bangles, necklaces and cufflinks.

Enjoy looking at the examples below. If you would like a quote, let me know what type of jewellery you are after and I will talk through this with you. Prices range from approx £60+ depending on size etc..

H A N D W R I T T E N by you..

Here are some examples that I have been asked to make using writing from children, grandparents, parents. I can trace any writing - to keep the silver from breaking I may join some parts together but I always check with you before doing so. I keep all the lines as similar as possible:

Sasha child handwriting necklace
Loving nan  handwriting ring
Mabel child handwriting necklace
Nan sentimental  handwriting bracelet
Parent  handwriting ring

H A N D W R I T T E N by me..

Or, I can design something in my own handwriting. The beauty of handmade and hand piercing is that I can add charms that you love too, like the hearts or flowers. Here are some examples:

Deon handwriting necklace
Kaydie handwriting necklace
Olivia heart handwriting necklace
Emily Rachel sister handwriting bracelet
Honor handwriting necklace
ML initial handwriting necklace